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[ semi-hiatus ; ]
"Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.Maybe then we’ll be better for each other." - Absentions

Credits to jellyjellywing for the taeyeon fanart, to hoyaan for the Hoya gif and to alexu-s for the Yoseob gif.

Hey guys!!~ today [October 8th, 2013] is my blog’s second anniversary! yaaay~ I didn’t do much on the first one ‘cause I missed it. Stupid me ㅠㅠ So I guess I’ll just make it simple by making my second follow forever ^^ Oh please ignore my crappy edit above, not the best. But hey, I tried!

By the way, I forgot that I changed url (faaail) and the edit says soshi6east instead of dongchins, you might have thought it was someone else, but noooo it’s me!

Okay, I’m not good with words but here we go. I’m not tumblr famous, I don’t make any edits or gifs, I don’t have much artistic talent but I feel grateful to have such a number of followers (by the way, hi new followers!!~). It’s not a lot compared to tumblr famous people, but it’s a lot for someone like me. So thank you soo(…)ooo much. Up until now, I still don’t know why you guys follow me but I guess it’s because we share the same interests. It’s been two years already. Sure, I wasn’t always on. I was on hiatus most of the time this year, but I met awesome people. We might not always talk, but please forgive me for that because I’m just…awkward? >_< but I’m glad some of you still chose to stay while I was busy or simply lazy about updating my blog (・ω・) At the same time, I’m kinda sad that some awesome people i met deactivated  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE if you are ever reading this! I’ll never forget you! You probably chose to deactivate for your own reasons and I respect that, but remember that I’LL MISS YOU!

So here are some wonderful blogs that I follow. If you aren’t following them, dUDE WAT R U WAITING FOR? GO FOLLOW THEM. Italicized are friends I met on tumblr and in real life and bolded are my tumblr crushes!

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-spica | amajingtae | aoitory | asdfghjkllove | aseaofquotes | beast-loving | beastbaybe ; soullovemeeh | beastrising | beautifulgeneration | blockb2uty | bubiboos | chibird | cinnahearts ; deliquescing | cngeneration | croodling

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daemyung ; k-fashions | doubley | elbowham | emilyloh | enjooy-life | exolutely ; adorability ; b6astly | februarythirty | fuckyeahthebestsnsdblog | giantbabyjing | hikauchi | hoaegyoo | ijustsneeze ; beastscenes | imyoonaswifey | ireokefx | itsjustasian

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jangshin | jieunswifeu | jiimins | jin-yi | jokers-muse | joonahaddict | joowons | jouzz | jumpinmyheart | junhyungisasexybeast | kara4life | kimtaeism | kirakiranni | kkwonsohyun | koburi | kpopsunny | kwiyeowo | kyungins

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lametime | liveasong | lovingdramas | mazik | moonchaewon | mumbling-kpop | my-soshistar | namgg | nunmulei | ohsegay baekpout | oldroyalcouple | oneuldoinfiction | pickthestars | pilsuks | pinkeupandas | popcorntiff

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secretladies | senjukotentaiho | seungshine | shampoohyun | soshibangs | southkoreanfood | southkoreans | spicachu | staypozitive | suzy-ssi | thescenerybegins | waang | waatter | wanjeonim | wasureta-yume | wistfulclouds | yangwoosoo | yeoshin | yo-hannahannah | ziqco

If your URL doesn’t appear on this post, it’s not that I don’t like you, I might have forgotten to put yours or tumblr simply unfollowed you without my consent (´・Д・)」According to tumblr, whatismolly, my-seoulmate, ddalgiyoseob and doubley are my biggest fans as of today, October 8th, 2013. Thank you! ^^

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